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Alchemist's Shop

by Dewayne Agin

Potion Name



Potion of Minor Restoration

500 G

Restores 1 lost Body Point and 1 lost Mind Point.

Potion of Major Restoration

800 G

Restores a Hero's Body or Mind Points to original levels.

Potion of Speed

100 G

Adds 5 movement squares to the Hero's next movement dice roll.

Potion of Strength

250 G

Doubles the number of attack dice a Hero can roll on his next attack.

Potion of Invisibility

300 G

Turns the Hero invisible for the next 5 turns. If the Hero makes an attack or casts a spell, he becomes visible immediately.

Potion of Regeneration

300 G

Restores all attack dice drained from the Hero by Undead.

Potion of Fire Resistance

400 G

After a Hero drinks this potion, he is immune to the effects of the next Chaos fire spell cast on him, or suffers no damage the next time the Hero is burned by fire.

Potion of Cure

400 G

If a Hero drinks a Potion of Cure, he is cured of any disease or diseases that infect him.

Potion of Spell Casting

600 G

A Spell Caster may drink this potion to relearn a spell that he has just cast. He may pick up the spell card of the last spell he cast and put it back in his hand.

Blade Venom

200 G

This potion is used to coat a bladed weapon or arrow. The first monster hit by this weapon (at least one skull rolled) looses an extra Body Point in damage due to the venom.

Potion of Anti-Venom

300 G

Removes poison from the Hero's body, but does not restore lost Body or Mind Points.

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