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Adventure Design Kit


This expansion has never been officially published in Ελληνικά.

Description - Quest Book
Character Sheet - Sticker Sheet

Morcar is pleased. Your victories over the Emperor's Heroes have not gone unnoticed. Now you are to be rewarded. Five new dungeons are to be built and you, Warlord of Chaos, are to prepare them...

With the Adventure Design Kit you can create your own dungeons in which to trap unwary adventurers. Place foul monsters in ambush, and set deadly traps to destroy the Emperor's accursed Heroes.

The Adventure Design Booklet gives advice on how to design exciting adventures, while the monster and furniture stickers give your maps a highly-finished look.

Finally, the new, larger, character sheets give the character players more space in which to record their money and equipement. It is now up to you, Warlord, to equip your dungeons. The fate of the Emperor's heroes lies in your hands.

  • Contents
  • 1 Adventure Design Booklet
  • 4 sheets of adhesive labels
  • 1 large 80-page character sheet pad

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HeroQuest Adventure Design Kit Quest Book

Βιβλίο των Άθλων (English)

5 Blank Quests in total.

Note: This Quest Book file is in booklet format

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HeroQuest Adventure Design Kit Character Sheet

Σελίδα Ηρώων (English)

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HeroQuest Adventure Design Kit Sticker Sheet

Sticker Sheet

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